Zoology Department

Department of Zoology


Year of Establishment 1958

About Department

v Department of Zoology is one of the oldest Department of Govt TCL PGCollege Janjgir, which was established early after Independence.

v The Department fulfils the need of the students of Zoology from ruraland urban areas of Janjgir and neighbour districts for a proper knowledge ofanimals and Human, so providing them a perfect place of Higher Education ofZoology in the area.

v The Department has been experienced and good for Zoology students as itis making good students, who have qualified National and State Level Exams likeCSIR-NET, CGSET. etc.


v Main objective of thedepartment is to provide a best and healthy place for the students of Zoologyfor a proper knowledge in the field, making them able to serve society inproper way through Zoological knowledge.

v The department of Zoologyis making its students able to qualify different national levels exams so thatthey can serve zoological as well as other fields in society.

v The department hasFisheries as a Specialization Subject, through which students are providing agood and scientific way in Pisciculture and fulfilling the need of foodproducts.

v The Department of Zoologyis serving to provide its students a well knowledge of subjects of appliedZoology like Sericulture, Apiculture, Prawn Culture, Aquaculture, DairyFarming, Poultry Breeding, Lac culture, Pearl culture, Frog culture etc.



Departmental Highlights


v The departmental Libraryhas a good stock of books, which include all the subjects of Zoology. Books areregularly being issued to students.

v There are 450 e-books inthe department.

v  Various Seminars are held in the department of Zoology on regular basis.

v  Ravi Das, a M.Sc. Student of year 2016-18 qualified CSIR-NET with JRF(AIR-113) in June 2019.

v Mr. Horilal got Gold Medalbecause of getting first rank in university, and 5 Students of M.Sc. year2016-18 got their name in university top 10 merit list.

v The department has a richalumni.

v The students of departmentare being taught through Projector and Computer.

Zoology Department Photos